5 Reasons You Should Buy Lobster Online

Enjoying a Maine lobster dinner is quite an experience! The tender wild caught Maine lobster doused in butter, sweet steamer clams on the side and a famous whoopie pie for dessert. Does it get any better?  Nothing is more perfect for a get together or celebration with family and friends than this delicious meal. Living right next to the ocean and being able to indulge in fresh lobster anytime we want is something we definitely don’t take for granted. Sadly, for a lot of people who LOVE Maine lobster, the stuff they get in their hometown simply just doesn’t compare. So, what do you do if you can’t get fresh Maine lobster where you live? Here’s five reasons why buying lobster online will be a decision you’ll be glad you made.

Takes the stress out of a gourmet meal. Planning a dinner party, important birthday, anniversary, or family get-together can be hectic. A lot goes into putting on an impressive party, and the dinner served is always center stage. Impressing your guests with the meal you’ve prepared is something every host or hostess worries about. Especially when you mention you’re cooking an authentic Maine lobster dinner! The most no-brainer reason why ordering your Maine lobster online is the best idea is because we take the stress out of getting the gourmet meal on your table. Let us at Maine Lobster Now handle getting the fresh Maine seafood to your door, once it arrives all you have to do is cook it! The day of your dinner, birthday party or other special event sit back, relax, and wait for FedEx to show up with your delicious package!

Guaranteed fresh. Understandably, one concern about ordering seafood products online would be the freshness of the product and integrity of the taste once it arrived. However, when ordering online that wouldn’t be a worry! We guarantee our products are fresh upon arrival and when ordering live lobsters we guarantee them alive when they get to your door. One of the most exciting parts of ordering live lobsters online is the surprise of opening the box to see them squirming around in there! We get all our lobsters out of Casco Bay right here on the coast of Maine, so unlike lobster in your home state you’re getting the real stuff with us! No need to worry about the freshness, our lobsters go out using overnight shipping and the travel time is very short. We pack all of our seafood using frozen gel packs to keep them cold and happy, and our frozen goods with dry ice to ensure they are in perfect shape when they get to our customers.

Google trusts us. Most people don’t see the significance in being a Google trusted store, however; what some may not know is that not every online store earns this badge. It’s beneficial for customers because they can feel comfortable knowing we are a credible place to shop. Google also only honors these badges to stores that are fast and reliable shippers and have a proven record of positive customer feedback. With our proven track record of positive reviews and timely shipment, you can trust us to get you your favorite Maine goods too.

We’re more than lobster. Of course customers want that succulent Maine lobster and being called Maine Lobster Now, we are known for our fresh lobster delivery. However, we have an array of delicious Maine shellfish, desserts, and packages where you will undoubtedly find something you’ve been wanting. Not to get your mouth watering or anything, but we have steamers, mussels, scallops, haddock, and cocktail shrimp. As well as Maine whoopie pies and classic blueberry pie, clam chowder, lobster bisque and Maine crab cakes. We offer special packages and lobster roll kits that are perfect for any occasion. One of our other popular products are lobster tails, which customers rave about. I mention our other products because you can get all the seafood your craving shipped to your door from one convenient place, what could be easier?!

Is there really anything better than fast delivery of amazing seafood? The last and most obvious reason why buying lobster and other seafood products online is a brilliant idea is because you can’t get better product than from the source, Maine! You’d be able to find lobster in your home state but I can promise you it won’t be as good as the real thing. Some doubt ordering online and have some reservations about it, but once you do it once and see how fast, easy, convenient, and how satisfied you will be once you get your fresh Maine lobster, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this sooner!FFF_Maine Lobster Now_LO_out